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 This Most Unique Book - Powerful in assisting people to permanently (and easily?) remove long standing limitations - was put out 12 years ago. It was mainly used in courses and coaching. It was  used as a work-book but some found they could easily do the work themselves.  This book and it's Very UNIQUE techniques are proven in real time with real people.. This book saw real application in the face of real world problems, issues, wants and desires. This track record and success ration demanded a re-release. This time to the public.
Manifesting your dreams; creating; bringing something you choose into existence...anyway you can send $15 to pay pal here and I'll send you a PDF...or go to Amazon and get an ebook copy for about $8. 

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There are 20 million copies of this book out there with hundreds of millions of readers. We have a very close link to The Foundation of Praise, Merlin's creation.

There's an Amazon link to this book at

Sales of this book on Amazon also go to Foundation of Praise (most of the income is now  for marketing this book,) in honor of Merlin and in support of his ongoing work via his legacy. 

We are soon going to be having a donation drive for The Foundation of Praise., powered by mobile apps along with the necessary tools (Mobile App, Live Answer, Funnel System, etc.).  

I am in the process putting together a marketing system for Merlin's book as that was his last request to me.  Merlin changed my life, and the lives of tens of thousands of others,  for the better. Merlin died on Veteran's day 2014.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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There's much to see. Our courses are about removal of personal limitations, the wise long-term handling of money, the realities of diversification, the reality about Goals, Scams, Lies, Hype and the ways to actually see real truths.