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Non Business and “non-active’ Pursuits…this section and Menu is inactive right now; it’s ‘on hold'; it’s  a “4 your interest only” for the time begin, nothing more:

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(New  high ca$h flow property may be posted or we may have it sold…it’s 84 unit, high ca$h flow, high CAP rate boarding home type situation; cost is $1,300,000… it’s being analyzed now)

Note: If this doesn’t sell to those currently interested, I may post it here; and I may not. I’ve been actively involved in another couple of projects that are taking up most of my free time. This one, however, looks like it may sell. Thank God.


details will be here when avalible

Projections ONLY:Please call today…Restrictions apply.
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7. Ca$h flow:  “Real Estate Opportunitie$.” This is the core, pinnacle and crux of the cash flow opportunities. This is for those who seek and understand the benefits of having ca$h flow real estate that is being managed for them. There are very selected, and sometimes very private, ca$h flow opportunities that we are exposed to. This sets up a system whereby, we pass those on to our members. The person in charge is a licensed Florida REALTOR®/Associate Broker with JJ Jones & Co; who has strong contacts in other parts of the country and the world. Those who choose to get these limited and unique opportunities will have to be vetted. Some of the criteria use will be  their ability to actually purchase one of the deals that may be presented; proof of funds;  sometimes escrow deposits may be required; other restrictions will also apply.

Those who choose to be exposed to this unique and ongoing streams of one-of-a-kind opportunities, will be broken into one of three levels; depending on the ca$h values  that will be offered to that level:  Level One will be $50,000 – $250,000; Level Two will be $250,001 to $999,999;  and Level Three is $1,000,000 and up. Every member of any level  is also privy to the opportunities offered to the levels underneath them. Example: Someone in Level 3 has access to all opportunities; Someone in Level 2 has access to Level 1 and Level 2, but not Level 3.

Should you choose to participate in this, fill out the opt in form* and someone will be contacing you. The only cost is: if you should choose to purchase one of the opportunities, you get to pay for it!

Final note: These “opportunities” depend totaly on the season we’re in: I’m not speaking of summer, winter or fall: I’m speaking of the economic and political seasons we find ourselves in. The ‘strategy’ for one season, will not necessarily work for another! Thus I make a promise that I will only allow opportunities (on any level and in any season), that I personally desire to and would do myself. In other words: I will only offer to sell what I, myself, would love to BUY; and only then by using as much wisdom as I can muster! Fill out form*(to be added)

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