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NOTE: these are things I can and have done. Right now I’m focused on building a Marketing Force or the $1k-a-Week-Club, so some of these courses and coaching items are not currently being offered right now. For what I’m focused on click here (LINK)…Otherwise, this data is currently, and ONLY,  for interest only! FYI the books are available!

Courses tentatively will consist of :

  • Business Breakout Essentials: If you need your own business, or if you have your own business already, this course is about the essentials for making a business expand. This course isn’t about ‘gathering’ information; it’s about applying, in real time, essentials to make your business expand. It covers not only business essentials, it covers how to remove the mental stops most business won’t, or don’t know how, to tell you about. Without handling the realities of these vital elements, essential for making things work in life and business, chances of a real break through are scant. I’ve helped start, from scratch, eight business that went to success. The simple truth is, there are elements that must be done, that can’t be conveyed by reading, videos and kits. Cost of this is $500 a month. It includes many of the courses below plus lots of data. If you don’t have a business to expand, we’ll give you one. Note: at this point, coach can only do a limited number of people each month.
  • Communication: The Master Key….want to get along with your spouse, kids and at business? There are things to ‘unlearn’ and ‘tricks’ you don’t know about
  • Still Your Restless Mind:  Not the ‘wimpy’ kind…this is powerful, profound and fully ‘result oriented’
  • Creating Realities & Magic in your life…you’re likely choosing things you’d rather not; in other words, you’ve got stuff in your life that your don’t accept responsibility for especially in the way you perceive and handle it. Unfortunately most people are unaware of what real choice actually is and is not; thus they blur the lines of what actually can and can’t be done. This blur is one of the most exploited weakness in society.  One who actually starts to understand what choice is and is not, gains a huge advantage;  it’s one of the most freeing experiences and abilities, we as humans can achieve; and it’s a relatively easy ability to achieve. The problem is, most people don’t know about it, often those who claim to teach it; you can’t give what you don’t have.  Real creation can be a mechanical thing, but  doing it consciously is probably the most fulfilling thing on earth. We teach ACT (Aladdin’s Creation Tool) from the book Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed A Guide To Effortless Creation as the basis of this course. The book itself is a work-book,  full of hands on exercises meant to convey the information. It’s about “doing” not just reading about it. This course is specifically about choice, belief, self-created illusions,  choosing targets and how to bringing them into reality!
  •  Part II: Stop Creating Stops! This focuses especially  on “How-to-stop-creating” patterns that we don’t want. It is these well entrenched, totally ‘self-generated” and often well hidden patterns that plague, limit, self sabotage and stop us from getting/having what we prefer. Often stopping our stops is enough to get us  what we want. It’s surprisingly easy, once you figure out just how tricky our minds can be! The issue is, very few people have clearly seen the tricks our minds play on us. This course and coaching has been a life changer for many.
  • Relationships … They are our biggest blessing and our worst nemesis; sometimes simultaneously!!! What works/ what don’t/ and how do we tell the difference??? It so easy to make it work; it’s also so easy to make it NOT work; and so very often we don’t make it work! Why? That’s what this course and coaching address. One simple trick is to know when it’s not going to work, BEFORE you jump in; now this “little trick” can save some one years of time and energy; and also help them avoid lots of pain.  Knowing the little bits of truth this information reveals; or seeing the huge elephants in the room you never notice before; can make all the difference in these ‘oh-so-vial,’ on-going relationships of our lives.  This course and coaching is about what make relationships work; and what caused them to be, well…whatever they are when they are not working!
  • Ca$h Flow is something we all need; but often, for reasons that are transparent to us, we don’t have enough of. Did you know that you must decouple ‘your ca$h’ from ‘your illusions’ about it? Most people don’t even have a clue what that could even mean. If you don’t do this ‘decoupling’, you can be come horribly stuck. Many rich and many poor, most in fact, are horribly stuck. Much of ‘ca$h flow’ is not about what you ‘think’ it’s about. Once you get what ca$h flow is really about and  not about, life becomes much easier.
  • Lean to Learn Anything (Well almost anything!) This is a class for kids of all ages. It used to be labeled, “What they aren’t teaching you in school, and should be!” The sad truth is either they don’t know it, or it will derail some veiled attempts at some type of indoctrination.  There are tricks about learning your teachers most likely never taught you. This tricks and this data makes a huge difference; they make it much easier, incredibly faster, more exciting, more rewarding, more effective and much more efficient. These pointers and techniques will often make learning go from “slow to flow” and from “pain to gain’ and from ‘none to fun’.  Much of learning is simply about shaking off the lies and fantasies we were programmed to believe about learning!
  • The plan, at this point,  is there will be online courses;  and likely a few live courses at exotic, fun locations!

For  Coaching/Courses: top menu—“Business Coaching ‘n’ Courses”



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