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My core skill is teaching/coaching

In this current environment, effective ‘Business Coaching’ is in high demand.

NOTE: these are things I can and have done. Right now I’m focused on building a Marketing Force, so some of these courses and coaching items are not current. For what I’m focused on click here (LINK)Otherwise, this data is currently, and ONLY,  for interest only!

People want to know how to get things going. Many courses out there are run by people who only made money ‘running course.’ That’s good, and shows some level of success. But that doesn’t necessarily qualify them for teaching you the realities of getting your business up and running.

In other words: Learning how to spot hype and sort out truth from fiction, is a wise decision.


As my 92 year old friend says, “If you aren’t going to learn from mistakes, no point in making them!”

A sage once said, “A wise man learns from his own mistakes; the exceptional man learns from the mistakes of others!” … and a sane man will always strive to keep his personal integrity in tact. The problem is, we are very good at lying to ourselves.

Sometimes we all need an objective,  experienced and hopefully wise coach.  There are many good coaches out there. If you can afford one, I believe it’s the often the path to go! I coach but more often now, I refere.  I have a couple of friends who I trust to coach my friends and clients. The three I refer are all highly successful.

As far as “Real-life-experience” I was fortunate to have been directly included in helping with, starting, building, running and selling seven successful businesses. That jaunt did more that all my college education. It did more than all the courses I’ve taken and all  books I’ve been privileged to read. “Reality tends to be the most sure and honest teacher. However, the caveat that goes with experience is: it can take a long, long time; thus coaching!

Since one can’t personally experience everything, one needs to observe others. Navigating the waters of getting a business going on your own can be very costly and time consuming. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have seen enough to steer others around hidden and time consuming waste of time ways for doing things; and the coaches I refer others too are better at this than I. It’s seems a far better choice to guide someone down more working, and less strenuous paths.

*note: all course  prices and coaching are subject to restrictions; all prices are subject to change without prior notice.

——————————- a course to consider ——————————————

Business Expansion Essentials: ten half-hours of one-on-one coaching +

 Core elements and salient points:

   • Powerful contacts & lead generation systems  • Handling a way-ward mind • The right way to talk to people so you don’t drive them away/ and the many wrong ways • Tricks to move though the uncomfortable elements that ‘must be done’, like prospecting • Making tough decisions • staying current in this environment  • effectively using accountability systems •  spotting liars  and lies

• Supplemental data +

These are essentials you truly need  to make $$$ now.

              Cost: $500/month

  • This course it’s tailored specifically to your particular business
  • It covers the essentials you need to rapidly grow your business (or start a new one if you need)
  • It includes ten half-hour, one-on-one Skype (or webinar style) meetings; no more than 5 attendees at once.
  • plus courses/books/power-points/plus.

Budget constraints? $70/sessions  for 45 minute group sessions  (maximum 5 people)

Some Business Expansion Essentials:
  • Business Start-up: If you don’t have your own business, we’ll set you up in one. This course isn’t about ‘a talking head’ in front of the room giving you data…it’s about you learning what to do now;  then it’s about  doing it now. Yes, it’s about doing!
  • Then it’s about finding what’s necessary to spot areas that need fixing or improvement; and it’s about making course corrections, and implementing those improvements, again and again to success.
  • Business Owners: If you do have your own business, we’ll work specifically to “system-ise” your business for success in this current environment.
  • If you don’t have your own business and want one, we’ve got that covered. You need real time in a real world.
  • It’s about getting familar with the latest in Advertising/Marketing/Branding
  • It’s about getting lots of traffic to your business; and it’s about converting that traffic into actual sales
  • Staying Current: What made you successful in the past may not work the same today.
  • Marketing, advertising, and branding models have dramatically shifted. This course covers these shifts as they are happening in today’s world. It’s about how they affect your business, and how to make the most of these dramatic new shifts. It covers how to be flexible for future shifts.
  • The course equips you with the latest methodologies, technologies, and ideas to drive new clients to your business!
  • Success is often about time tested, timeless elements that must be done to have success. You’d be surprised how often these are neglected in today’s world. Somethings don’t change with the advent of technology but they tend to get neglected. It’s about treating your customers right!
  • It’s about defining and refocusing on these foundations of success.
  • We don’t have all the answers (no one does) but the answers we have work. They are  geared to the constant shifting in this new high-tech, world-wide  environment. We don’t have all the information (no one does); but what we have works when someone’s willing.
  • This isn’t just about knowing about new shifts and changes; it’s about implementing strategic changes and necessary skills  in your specific situation to make the most of the shifts.
—————————-   There’s more to life than MONEY——————————–
The biggest part and most essential elements of business is more about you and your real dreams and your personal integrity. If you loose that, no matter what you gain, you’ve lost it all.
Perhaps the most essential skill in business about your knowledge of human nature.
  • What makes you tick? What are your real motivations and limitations?
  • And how in the world do you remove long standing limitations and stops?
  • How do you get what you really, truly want out of life??? (hint: it may not be money)
  • What makes your customers and potential customers tick?
  • How do you effectively communicate with others?
  • What elements in your communications are harming relationships
  • What habitual things are you doing that are destroying intimacy?
  • And most important, how do you stop doing that and doing what really works?


————————————–Other Courses, Data and Coaching ———————————————–

* Note: some of these courses are done as time and circumstances allow. We’ve not got them set on automatic and if I’m involved in another project, these will wait. I’m working on a ‘referral’ system, but it’s sometimes tough for me to simply entrust “just anyone” with this data…I think it’s vital!

In sort, if you’re interested (especially in the Seven-(7) Day-Live-Event: “How to Live an Unstuck Life”), contact me and we’ll talk. That’s always an exciting/powerful/fun life changing event: plus it’s a fun vacation to boot.


1. Free offer:

Offer 1:“The Hidden Key of Finding and Achieving Your Real Dream”

Offer 2:“Communication: The Master Key of Relationships and Business.”

You can choose either  Offer 1  or Offer 2 for FREE; no purchase necessary.  Each offer consist of three individual bite size, overlapping presentations with audio.

People, even those who’ve done many courses on goal setting, find this information not only unique but powerful. Each presentation is valued at $47.00. Right now you can get one, or the other, FREE.  Note you don’t have to buy one to get one free. You just get one FREE! (To receive this offer, send an email ( stating (1) what you’re looking for in life in 25 words or less; and which Offer you choose!

2. Life Changing Book: Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, A Guide to Effortless Creation. This book is the definitive book on manifesting your own realities/targets/goals; and at least as important, it details how to stop manifesting stuff you don’t want. The things that stop us are not evident to us, and are not all that evident to most others; it’s some of these hidden things we target and disappear. To ORDER the discount version: Go to “Pay With Pay Pal” on right side bar menu; select ‘Aladdin’s Lamp $7.00′; fill out Pay Pal form, submitand a ‘read only’ eBook will be emailed to you; this may take a week or more.   To get a copy immediately  you can click on the link to the side bar “Books That Change Patterns” (top right), select title and get it immediately at Powell’s for $8.50. (price subject to change up or down according to Powell’s dictates).

3. Course: “Stilling  a Restless Mind”: This is not the wimpy “Oh am I spiritual” kind of training; this is about shutting down the damn thing for a while. Only then can real peace, and a whole lot more, be experienced. This is an on-line course that consists of eight, individual, 30 minute sessions spread out over a two week time frame. It includes five live, on-line sessions. During these sessions participants can ask questions via phone. $77.00 down and $700 more for the whole course! To order, go to “7 Shades of Courses” on the Top Menu, click on sub-menu: ‘Still a Restless Mind.’

4. One-Day-Live:  “Finally Some Real Goal Setting/Achieving”; it’s a live event . This is hands on; it’s about getting you clear on what your actual inner goals are, and what they are not. We often find ourselves chasing others’ dreams and goals! But what’s YOUR real dream, deep desire and wish? This often can surprise and amaze. The energy and massive intent that’s released when one gets in alignment with themselves is a wounder to behold. The freedom that ensues, when one ends the nonalignment they’ve been stuck in, is an indescribable experience.  Call 239-895-4202 for course schedule and preparations; or send and email stating your interest to $235 (travel and lodging not included).   Fill out form*(to be added)


5. Two-Day-Live:  “Ca$h Flow Now”  Seminar/Training Breakthrough. This Live-Event-Seminar covers the things you ‘really must do’ to generate the ca$h flow you choose. It also offers a few options for those who want to keep their job and yet make extra money on their own.  This is not simply about a talking head up in the front of some meeting room delivering you information; this is interactive, up close and personal. There are many powerful exercises you do that will stay with you; it’s specific to you and your circumstances. This course will also be covering some of the main stops and barriers to ca$h flow (stops that are little known and yet very prevalent).  The intent of this two day event is to have you making more money (and more money), with your own business, before the event is over. Though structured, it will be more informal and intimate.  Call 239-895-4202 for  course schedule and preparations. Sign up now for this unique business/life changing, 2 day seminar, training, and roll playing event;  the cost is $495 (travel and lodging not included).

6. Seven-(7) Day-Live-Event: “How to Live an Unstuck Life”. This course is the pinnacle of changing lives. The reality of spotting your hidden stops and limitations; along with the consequent removal of those very stops/limitations; the actual workings of the creative process and its transformative powers; the understanding of ‘how to’ still a restless mind and ‘how to’ experience peace in troubling circumstances; the essence of actually bringing your dreams into reality; and much more; does change lives. The end effect of this concentrated series of experiences, exercises, and events tends to be life-altering; and unforgettable  These courses are held in fun, resort style settings in various places around the world; places like Lake Como, Italy; Santa Fe New Mexico;  the South Island of New Zealand, the North Cost of Denmark  or other such fun, exciting destinations. Thus the inner  journey of the course itself, becomes a journey within a journey.  Courses are very small, only run once or twice a year; and fill up quickly.  Call 239-895-4202 for  course scheduled, details and preparations. Cost is $5,500 plus your travel expenses and lodging.



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