7 Shades of Freedom?

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What is 7 Shades of Freedom?  It’s a blog, but it’s also an experiment. It’s a life model that has been tested and proven, beyond a doubt to work. This model is designed to share specific information with others in ways that will make positive, sometimes life changing, impacts. This is not ‘speculation’ nor ‘hype'; it’s real actual proven truths, sorted from the massive floods of misinformation and illusion that flow across the earth; it’s the truth that makes a difference.

7 shades of freedom, in essence, is about removing the lies from our individual lives. In the process, it will sow as much truth, wisdom, love and freedom as possible. This can be summed up in  a simple over worked and horribly under-practiced statement:

“The Truth Works, Use It.”

The things that mess up our lives are the lies we believe and act on. These are often lies we tell ourselves, or they are lies (unknowingly and knowingly) feed us by others. It takes some awareness, and some intent to remove these elements from our thinking; because, like it or not – believe it or not, they do negatively effect our lives, the quality of our existence and the course we are on.

Problems arise when we are determined (and bound) to call our opinions and our beliefs, ‘the truth’ when they are not. This is the sickness that blankets our world.

What’s the benefit of removing just some of these untruths? Sometimes the changes are so massive, so positive and so blissful as to be in-describable. Another major benefit is, the truth works while lies cause distortions.

Many firmly believe, “A man WILL reap what he sows” it’s the law of Karma. A few know, “We teach best what we need to know MOST;”  Thus, selfish as it is,  the choice is to actively, in this blog, disseminate as much truth, love, freedom and wisdom as possible.


If one’s going to experience the freedom of which I speak, or any shade of it; they are going to ‘have to’ shake off some of the lies of their life. This is self evident. And perhaps my forte’ and strongest card to play in this life thus comes to the forefront: A De-programmer; a De-hypnotizer; and a De-indoctrinater. Ironically and not by my design, I’ve found my strongest talent is helping others remove the lies of their lives! Sometimes it’s effortless.

Virtually all I’ve learned, especially the truly important stuff, was due to exceptional mentors. It was coupled, as it must be, with an incurable desire to know the truth (the real truth) about many things. Without the individual choice, effort and personal responsibility, nothing much happens (except a life of blame!). Some of these mentors were not only brilliant and brave, they were able to keep focused on the essentials of life and the essences of meaning; even in middle the all chaos of this world offers. It’s these few heroic and wise individuals who, by my choice; have shaped my life, my purpose and my much of future. Any good or value I have, came because of them, especially one of them who is my best and long-term friend. I can’t speak too highly of them nor give them any portion of the gratitude due.

One of the more beneficial patterns picked up in my early years was, “Always be learning something new.” This pattern carried the vital caveat, “Make sure the data you think with is accurate; and beware of clever indoctrinations!”

I soon discovered, when you start to learn a lot of things, some of the most deeply held and ingrained patterns change. Another startling revelation was, the amount of inaccurate facts/ideas/ideologies passed along as ‘true and real’ is astonishingly huge; some of it is incredibly deceptive. In short, mankind is addicted to lies and deception.

In the process of discovery, many places in many continents were visited. Many, and varied , people were interacted with on virtually all levels of economic, religious, educational, ethnic, racial and every other diversity; there were many points of view encountered; many people were encountered on very deep and intimate levels. In the that process, skills of all kinds, were learned.

A goal eventually became to love them all; love the good, the bad, the rich the poor, the ideologs, the habitual liars, the noble and everywhere in between. Finally I realized I need to love them just as they were; even when I despised some of their activities and beliefs; even when I shuttered at the hole they’d dug themselves into; and even if I was awed or swayed by their incredible skill sets. I found that love doesn’t necessitate loving what they do/believe, but is in truth bigger than that.

This ability to love, sorry to say, I’ve not perfected. I, way to often, meet a person with judgment, skepticism, blind trust, unrealistic dread, or realistic fear. I’m often more concerned on how they affect me; that’s not real love, now is it?

Why “7 shades of freedom”? It’s a cool name! The elements I’ve isolated or discovered, can be broken down to 7 areas; but then again they could just as easily be broken down to 3 areas, or 30 areas.  It’s the game of marketing. Seven is a neat number; to the ancients it was the number signifying ‘completion’. The idea of ‘shades of freedom’ come from my personal experiences and from coaching others. Often, people collapse a few lies and experience a level of freedom from that; then, sometimes, they collapse more lies and another shade, deeper and more blissful, arises. It seems to be shade upon shade as ‘truth upon truth’ is reveled;  thus the name thus denotes a process; an all pervasive process.

What about lies and freedom in business and money? Interestingly enough, it’s most evident there. 7 Shades of Freedom works very quickly and sometimes very deeply there. In the arena of business and money, it’s  much easier to measure; the money is there or it’s not; the success (meaning the goals of the business being achieved) is there or it is not. It’s easy to lie to ourselves about relationships, or being more loving, or any of those subjective matters; but in money…we’ll the money is in the bank or it isn’t. Period! Thus I love business coaching; sometimes I’m pretty good at it; and my clients find I’ve got a whole new, deeper series of methods/ideas/concepts/understandings they’ve not encounter elsewhere. These, I feel, make all the difference in life.

Background: Through sometimes grueling, and under-funded trials and attempts;  sufficient information was gained and enough implementation done to start seven plus businesses from ‘scratch-to-successful’. Some of them were sold, many of them are still going, successfully I might add. This was done mostly with others,  though I did it a few times alone; all by myself. The success were coupled with not a few failures that never made it.  Generally speaking, I’ve been around the block.

Right now, “7 Shades of Freedom” refers to ‘Shaking off the Lies’ we tend to live.


It works in relationships, the ‘number one’ for most of us.

It works  in the pursuit of truth, which in reality should take precedence over ‘number one’, but rarely does! It works in business; in fun; in cash flow, in your passionate cause, and in all things.

Real truth! Isn’t that what really makes life work? Conversely, it’s my firm conviction and observation that lies are what stop life from working.  You know everyone, each and every one of us, ‘claims’ to be telling the truth; don’t we? Of course!  However that’s not always the case; believe it or not. Just because a teacher, or an actor, or a politician, or an ‘expert’ gets up and speaks, does not mean they are ‘telling’ the truth. Many times they have personal agendas that are more important to them than truth. Shortsighted? Yes, but it’s the way of the world. Often people are just passing on lies that were passed to them Many people are starting to become aware of this phenomena. It’s an act of unconsciousness and unawareness  This can and generally does lead to chaotic effects:  it can be very unsettling when things you had believed as ‘true’ now seen to be the opposite; or you’re working as if ‘this thing’ were true and it isn’t; you get messed up results. You expect one thing, you get another. Lies are like that.

Fortunately, there are methods, tools, technologies, and means to easily (even effortlessly) compensate for some of those lies we become infected with. 

Unfortunately most of us (mankind) stick with the lies of our lives “as if they were the real truth”…OUCH!

When one really digs in and, at whatever the cost, chooses to experiences real truth no matter what; they are changed; they know; their life, according to them, often begins.  This can and does happen very quickly. This is what ‘7 Shades of Freedom’ is really all about.

In other words: In spite of all our well practiced and deeply entrenched pretenses, exaggerations, twist of, blind denials of, clever avoidance of, concrete like agreement with others about, unconscious indoctrination on, and cunning ‘proofs’ proving the opposite;  there is, in fact, absolute truth. In truth, this is an undeniable reality. There are real unchanging laws that guide our Universe and our lives. There are absolutes.  It’s best to come to grips with these.

I know and am fully aware this idea of absolutes  is ‘debatable’ on planet earth.  I submit the challenge to those who ‘believe’ it’s debatable; that challenge is to dig in much deeper than relativism allows. I challenge them to dig to the very core of their soul and essence; to challenge the very nature of their existence. T’his, I submit and am fully aware, they haven’t done. It’s self evident.  As my favorite debate teacher once said, “Debates is all about the best liar winning.”

Caveat: As important as teaching what ‘to do’, the data and information here in ‘7 Shades of Freedom’ is designed to teach much of what NOT to do. For example: “Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself.”  Sometimes freedom is  simply a process of the removal of self-held, well-concealed  lies.

By no means is one to assume or conclude 7 Shades of Freedom has all the answers, or even many of them.  But answers there are and answers we have; as well as methods, tools and techniques that have been proven in the crucible of the real. These,  in and of themselves, are very valuable, and are deeply cherished by those who come to truly know them. That’s some of what’s offered in “Truth Seekers.” and of course, some of it is just more opinions! LOL

They are, in essence, the elements that makes life work and makes it worth living.

And there are opportunities that seem worth sharing! That’s what we seek.

So freedom, all shades of it,  has become more than an idea to some of us!

It’s become more than a goal or a topic of endless  speculation.

It, in truth, is an absolute that exist. This blog is about that!

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