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Welcome to the a site for a World Wide Real Estate Investment Education Club. (in essence: A Master-mind group)  LINK

  • We have been working on this for a year and it’s now ready to release starting 2014
  •  Core Points:
  1.  Education is the main element of the group. High quality, high honesty, and high value real estate and investment information. We will have an overabundance of real education but this will be different. It’s got one goal: Help members make $$$ in real estate. It’s Earn as you Learn. It’s Learn and Do. It’s about using the best in the field to convey practical information.
  2. It’s about Networking with Like-Minded. Making money in Real Estate is about sellers and buyers. Without a seller and without a buyer consummating a deal, you’ve got nothing. Though that’s obvious, what’s not is the highly creative, incredibly effecting way we’ve designed this. It’s far better, far easier, and far more effective than anything we’ve done. And behind us we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of years of real time experience.
  3. In short, it’s about playing win-win-win real estate with others so inclined. It’s about A. Ethics, B. morality and C. Personal Integrity. The problem with Real Estate is normally about the liars and thieves in the game. It’s about people who do all they can to skew the game to their personal advantage (as the expense of the other fellow). It’s about people not being “horses asses’ when things don’t go they way they think they should. So this club, this network, this group is about sorting people out. The core group can’t work that way (in fact, you can’t get in the inner circle and be that way). .
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We believe the best ways to get ahead in this financial environment is to get in high quality, high return, safe Joint Ventures!

NOTE: See JV Deal of Week (Link)

But not just any JV will do; many won’t. These are hand picked and designed around (1) being of value to all; i.e. run on win-win-win values (2)

preservation of principle and (3) high and steady rated of return.

We will have the “JV deal of the Week presented, among others.

As with any deal, there are risk! These we try to minimize.

All JV’s are set up by lawyers who specialize in so doing.

Restrictions will apply.

For more data: email

————————————   A Lesson I’ve Observed ————————————

94% of business failure comes from NOT having time tested systems in place!

People don’t implement elements they know they should!  And they don’t know how to stop NOT implementing.  Thus the creation of the:

$1 K a Week Club  ( )



The Basic Club Goal is creating a group (a collective, a club, a community of like-minded people, etc) with the necessary, working, proven and time tested: (1) systems, (2) tools and (3) support elements; to help each member add an element of financial freedom to their life.

In short:  The Key is implementation!

mentoring .1


Note: there are NO guarantees or Promises that anyone will do it; though we know if someone actually follows the steps, we believe they will make and exceed these goals.

Note: just being an insider member of the $1K a Week Club insures systems for generating real PRI.

PRI means “Passive Residual Income”; that means do the work once, get paid over and over and over. In this way, increasing income can be built. We have systems to generate PRI. Though we actually like Network Markting, this can be 100% done without any Network marketing. It’s up to the individual.

key in lock

Note: We also believe in diversification of income sources. Many financial planners highly stress diversifying your investments, so when one fails the others will take up the slack. We incorporate that specific idea not only in allocation of gained income but also in the sources to obtain income.

Note: one of the hardest things for people is lead generation. That’s one of the easiest elements in the $1 k a Week Club (and we’re not talking about ‘family’, ‘friends’ and ‘warm contacts’…in fact we recommend to most people they stay as far away as possible from Family, Friends and Warm Contacts. We’re not saying ‘forsake them'; we are saying don’t mix them with your business. Build it first; have it running and successful; then you might tell them!)

EXPECED Cost to be an Inside Member of the Club (NOTE: these are not ‘required’, but expected)

  1. $250 one time set up fees & cost (internet expenses and fees, etc.)
  2. $250 a month minimum on going (for marketing, net tools, courses, SEO, etc, etc, etc)
  3. $45-$200 a month for leads, tools, etc (highly recommended)
  4. $100 a month for membership to G.R.E.E.N. (Highly recommended as it’s the best, most cost effective education we know of)
  5. Many of you all-ready have these elements in place; way to go!


NOTE: Someone can participate in sharing many of the tools that create PRI for Zero ($0)

  1. This way the can test the waters
  2. This way they can create the necessary money to join the Club should they choose

To get in the data/information loop; enter you data on this landing page:

Click ‘Here’

Or send us your contact information or questions to:

Or Text “Passive” to short code 95577


Join the 1-K-a-Week-Club.

It’s a group of people who have cracked the code to implementation!

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