What’s The Movement?

Nineteen Million Copies of Prison to Praise took the publishing world by storm and has brought miracles into countless lives! With YOUR help… we can reach others through this profound book and bring miracles into the lives of a whole new generation… BUT we need your input and inspiration! Especially if you are between 18 years of age and 38 years of […]

Targets, Goals and Treasure

The core of this site is of course Opportunity, Cash to loan, Real Estate Cash Flow, Work from home and all the financial elements  But a deeper seed is the motivation that drives that. Some of that is shown in the coaching and courses and books that are offered. Some of that can be found in […]

Business Coaching & Cash Flow

My core is ‘teaching/coaching'; and I’m adding a new page to this site. This blog is basically a recap of that page. I’ve found that in this environment that Business Coaching is probably the highest demanded talent I got to offer. There are other forte’s to offer, but they are not the ‘highest demanded'; maybe it’s […]