What’s The Movement?

Nineteen Million Copies of Prison to Praise took the publishing world by storm

and has brought miracles into countless lives!

With YOUR help…

we can reach others through this profound book and bring

miracles into the lives of a whole new generation…

BUT we need your input and inspiration!

Especially if you are between 18 years of age and 38 years of age.

Please leave us your input, your ideas, your suggestions of how to effectively capture the attention and support of others of your generation! Thank you so much!

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Merlin Carothers, the author of Prison to Praise, was in the 82nd Airborne in WWII. He had a fascinating and inspiring combat life; including action in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

After the war, he had an experience where God spoke directly to him in an audible voice. This, and the incredible message, is fully covered in Prison to Praise. This experience, overnight, turned him totally around. On one side of the line, he was a manipulative, black-marketer, seeking only his own self-interest; on the other-side of  that encounter he came out a man set 100% on God and helping other people. Being a soldier used to taking orders from commanders, he found that after that experience he was fully committed, to doing whatever he believed God directed.

Because of this instantaneous dark-to-white metamorphosis, he became a military Chaplin for the 82nd Airborne and remained in that capacity.  Merlin’s outreach as a military Chaplin, coupled with the direct impact his book seemed to have on people, changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The book though very simple, clear and easy to read; packs a powerful punch.

Upon reading this book, many readers experience a strong compulsion to follow the simple steps of 100% acceptance for their situation exactly as it is; and also experience a thankfulness for the situation. As a result of their sincere efforts, God reached back to them and life changing miracles flowed. The message conveyed is an unmistakable experience of a Real God acting in the Real World. That, as many readers see it, is ’The Answer ‘to their issues in life.

(*For a few real examples of these miracles, see the stories below or in the ‘Your Miracle’ section).

The effects of Prison to Praise and the ripples it caused are nothing short of miraculous. Lieutenant Colonel Chaplin Carothers has received thousands upon thousands of written testimonies from people who read his book, and subsequently had these Hand-of-God experiences. Their stores told of ways God positively impacted their lives as a direct result of implementing the clear and profound message of Prison to Praise. It’s because of these clearly documented miraculous happenings, spreading mostly by word of mouth, that this book receives so much attention. Right now the book is in fifty-nine languages worldwide. It seems this book had become a type of a vehicle ushering in God’s power and presence.

Now there is an effort afoot to release it to a whole new generation (ages 18-38), although generations on both sides of that age group will also be strongly impacted. The internet, new media, smart phone technology and word of mouth are KEY.

All 19,000,000 copies in the field are hard copies; but in the last few months, for the first time it was published in eBook format. Now it’s on Amazon’s Kindle, I-tunes, etc. The plan is to greatly expand awareness of the book and its effect through current and relevant new media, such as apps, smart phones apps, tablets, social networking, etc By utilizing and harnessing these new pathways and exploding technologies, we plan to maximize their potential in a viral effort that will reach millions more.

We fully expect that the word of mouth miracles


with the new media will create a viral explosion.

The first step of this effort is specifically to raise $22,000 for the necessary technology and tools of Phase I (outlined below*). Funds will be raised via group-funding, direct donations from interested parties, and other sources of funding. This first step, or Phase I,  is simply about combining and creating a coordinated system of computerized systems, various new devices, and other technology to effectively handle, harness, follow-up on and keep those interested constantly informed. We know, with effective coordination, a multiplication of  the combined emotional and spirit energy will occur.

All monies go into “Foundation of Praise” a long standing 501-c3 tax exempt organization which Merlin established in the 1970’s to manage this ministry. Again, the funds will be used to put together the essentials elements necessary to build a strong web-based marketing, networking, delivery and follow-up system (see elements below*). Please help; please give!

Once that system is in place (which will be completed approximately forty-five days from when the $22,000.00 is gathered), Phase II is projected to kick-in. The design of Phase II is to market, disseminate, advertise, and network the book, movement via new media.

Address all Phase I or II questions to:  PraisePhase1@gmail.com

Thank you so much for all your support. 



———————————–Sample Testimonial Pages-————————————————-

Samples of Miraculous Happenings Directly catalyzed by Prison to Praise


***Examples *(real data will be added—Joann sending data)

Note: *** indicates the specific Names, dates and brief circumstances are being compiled from the letters, and will be entered soon. 

  •  like person*** coming out of coma…
  •  like hard core 30 year alcoholic *** suddenly and permanently quitting drinking the moment his kids stopped ‘praying for him’ and started giving thanks to God for exactly how he was (and the former drunk had zero idea his kids had been doing that);
  • The Animal***: a long term, very hated by both guards and inmates prisoner stuck in solitary containment who started Parsing God in a mocking way, suddenly the Lord appeared in his cell and smiling, with a twinkle in his eye, kind of laughed said, “I Love YOU” …when the guards came to let the guy out of solitary, he’d changes so much the guards though someone had switched places with him…they were freaked and couldn’t figure out what happened; the warden who observed such a change was willing to do what was necessary to secure his release, saying “you don’t need to be here any more”, but the guy said “NO… having a desire to help the other inmates…he became and remained the prison Chaplin at that very prison”
  •  People’s*** kids suddenly coming out of deep, years long, “irreversible” psychosis in a mental ward when the kinds parents (unknown to the kid or the kid’s shrinks) started giving God thanks for the situation exactly as it was without trying to change it…
  • *** Merlin in Lloyds of London
  • *** Merlin with 500,000 in Korea
  • *** I’ve got my own (horse break my toe) as does Lisa (death of loved one) and some other people..KELLY ***(get testimonial) we know…equally profound)
  • Or ones taken from Joann’s notes ***or the other books
  • And many more…***


There will be a section on the HUB Center that will have many of these past testimonials, as well as free excerpts from the book that people can read; there will also be direct stories from Merlin that haven’t been published, etc. And there will be a section for brand new stories that happen now as a direct result of this movement!

That is new stories will come from new readers who get the book via these efforts  results will come from them reading and implementing the data…this will happen…if one truly implements, profound things occur…this will spread to others and generate viral results.

I project it will happen rapidly with the new media; all we need is to get the system to effectively handle communications in place.

That’s why we need the $22,000… Rapidly as Possible.

22,000 $1.00 donations or 1 $22,000 donation will do … or anything in between. Thanks


—-in addition to all donations being tax deductible (all $$$ are to help the 501c3 to do it’s work); in this system you also give rewards for higher and larger donations…this is ‘tentative’ —



Tentative List of “What You Get for Your Donation”

$3.77 (to $7.77)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • A free eBook once the secure distribution center is up and running
  • Your name on the donor page on HUB Central (all regardless of size of donation, get acknowledged)
  • A password to get special ‘messages and updates’ reserved only for donors


$7.77 (to $27.77)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • A special email sticker label for print-n-stick paper; showing you’ve supported this, God’s cause
  • A password to get special ‘messages and updates’ reserved only for donors

$27.77 (to $67.77)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • Hard Copy of Prison To Praise

$67.77 (to $127.77)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • An eBook of Power In Praise, by Merlin Carothers
  • A special ‘Pen of Praise’ for your generous donation

$127.77 (to $277.70)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • Access of a video of Merlin talking about his profound, and hilarious experience with Lloyds of London
  • A special 45 minute power point training showing the difference between ‘real praise’ and ‘saying the words’….real praise works
  • 5 stickers that say “God inhabits the Praises of His People”
  • We will give 1 book, IN YOUR NAME, to a needy recipient*
  • *Needy recipient may be to a prisoner via a prison ministry, to a person in a hospital, to a Veteran in need, to a wealth but depressed businessman, etc.

$277.70 (to $777.00)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • Access of a video of Merlin talking about a profound and Hilarious experience with a Korean Church
  • Access to a full 2 hour training videos and audios on avoiding the tricks our mind plays on us, and more!
  • We will give 5 books – IN YOUR NAME – to a needy recipients

$777.00 (to $,777.00)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • A personally signed book from Merlin directly to you as a token of thanks
  • We will give 15 books – IN YOUR NAME – to a needy recipients

$2,777.00 (to $7,770.00)

  • All donations are tax detectable
  • Everything above
  • A very visible web presence as a ‘Founding Member’ of the support for this project; for a full year on the HUB Central site (*some restrictions apply: example as to appropriate content, to advertising, etc )
  • A position in the board to help push Phase II into Phase III. (Considerable private information and data on Phase II and Phase III will be released to Board Members)
  • Note: there are only 10 of these positions available.

$7,770.00 (and above) All donations are tax detectable

  • Everything above (except you’ll be ‘Founding Manager‘ instead of  “Member”)
  • A very visible web presence as a ‘Founding Manager‘’ of the support for this project
  • Life time presence on HUB Central (*some restrictions apply: example as to appropriate content, to advertising, etc )
  • A position as one of three Managing Members of Board
  • A personal phone call of thanks from Merlin Carothers (*some restrictions may apply as his schedule/time is variable)
  • If possible, a picture with you and Merlin together (*some restrictions may apply as his schedule/time is variable)
  • A personally signed hard copy of each of his main books
  • Hard copies of all his books
  • Note: there are only three of these positions available


Note: for donations of $25,000 & more, we’ll talk!

 For more data or to participate:  All Phase I questions to:  PraisePhase1@gmail.com
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