Targets, Goals and Treasure

The core of this site is of course Opportunity, Cash to loan, Real Estate Cash Flow, Work from home and all the financial elements  But a deeper seed is the motivation that drives that. Some of that is shown in the coaching and courses and books that are offered.

Some of that can be found in the page 7 Shades of Freedom under ‘Truth Seekers’ (top menu)

And much of the core philosophy is shown in other areas.

The current areas of this site is the Business Expansion Essentials and Quickly Enhancing Personal Relationships You can read more about these on the page labeled “Business Coaching n Courses”. The cost is $500 for the first month (or, to test the data, one can audit for $60 each session).

There are many elements covered in these courses that will not be found elsewhere. I’ve helped start (from scratch) seven  plus successful businesses; so there are essential elements you’ll find here not covered adequately, or at all, by most other business coaches/courses. There are also unique products designed to enhance and expand not only your business, but your life in general; especially in the areas of personal relationships and true meaning. A few of these are shown on the products page (‘Business Coaching n Courses’ on the top menu) or click HERE

Sometimes it’s beneficial to list my personal goals; often others can relate to them or see if this is something they’d be interested in. So in that vein, here are some (but not all):

1. Make a consistent daily profit (I’ve got specifics numbers and ca$h and goals in mind). I choose to do this by helping/assisting people in their life and business. Why? It really feels good to help others!

2. A new outreach to a potentially unlimited market that can be reached only via the net. The world is changing and I choose to stay up with the changes (while keeping my commons sense, integrity, and not being swept up by the flood of emotions sweeping people away; been there done that and realize, that “don’t work!”).

2.5  Some major, huge  changes are happening now  in Advertising/Marketing/Branding also have the potential to make tons of money. I plan to get in on some of that.

3. To market my books and some other books I think are very valuable (see side bar “Books That Change Patterns” for three  of the books I’m talking about). Two were written for  live classes and courses, which I did;  in that they were very effective. I wanted to see if they would work in ‘non-class settings’ and thus tested them on the internet and with people I never personally talked to (except via email); we were pleased to find they also had amazing, tangible and often life changing positive effects in non-live settings. Right now, I have one book as a “Print On Demand” via Amazon (that’s Behind The Iron Veil, a departure into a biographical history). The other two books (Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, A Guide to Effortless Creation and The Carnal Mind vs God), are currently on eBook only … links to Powell’s books with immediate delivery are provided on right side bar; or you can order them at a discount via Pay Pal and I’ll send you a copy.  I plan to put all my books on Kindle, I-tunes, Google, etc, but that’s not a high priority at this moment.

3.5 Dissemination of pertinent and vital life data that I, and others,  have distilled over many years. Much of this data is available now on demand. Some valuable information will be released after being converted into video/audio presentations. These videos are projected to cover various topics that I’ve found vital in living effectively in this world. Examples:  Communication, The Master Key, The Real God in the Real World, True Meditation, The Stuff Your Teachers Didn’t Know To Teach You, A Guide to Accelerated LearningWhat Really Makes Personal Intimacy Happen, and others). There are vital elements in life, far more important than money; things like real truth, actually integrity and keeping it, truly being close to another, or having a reality experience of God.

4. Marketing/Advertising/Branding breaking data and patterns: in Smart Media and other net based, smart phone based  systems. These systems are ways to generate traffic flow to and from your web sites! The purpose here is not only to generate traffic but to turn that traffic into conversions. Virtually all who have web presence need and seek this type of updated data. Many people who have ‘brick and mortar’ establishments need this data but don’t know how or where to get it; nor do they know how or where to use it.  These courses are designed to make that path of discovery easier, faster, cheaper and with the hype, antiquated, and inaccurate data removed.

5. Help Market A Friend’s Book: I’ve got a friend who wrote a book(s); he’s got 19,000,000 (million!) copies of his work in print. It’s life changing and  yet very simple to read. Thus  it kind of sold itself. It’s in fifty four languages. Yet it had never been in eBook format!!! All these sales where paper back. Last month (August 2012) I got  the cornerstone work, Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers,  in eBook format. So now it’s available on Kindle, I-tunes, and other outlets.  At my friend’s request, I plan to help advertise and market this book to a whole new generation. The plan is to ‘youth-anise’ it. With that w’ll need some help, ideas, new youtubes, smart phone apps, etc, etc, etc. There’s a mission specific business plan being worked on right now. The culmination of that will be realized soon!

6. Personal Goal fulfillment: About a year ago, I committed to getting all my coaching businesses including my Ca$h Flow (cash flow) real estate opportunities on the internet. One of the first steps was to get the data in written form. that took some doing.  In response to this goal, I’ve spent much of that time learning, studying, seeing ‘what not to do’ as far as marketing/advertising/branding on the net. It’s looking for what  actually works for the long term. At this point, I know it can work it, I can find it within myself to actually ‘implement’ what I know. And ‘yes’, there are specific Ca$h goals included.

Even to those fairly familiar with computers, the net,  programming, etc.; there are many, many new learning curves one will have to move through in this day and age. Things are rapidly shifting  In today’s net/smartphone/tablet environment one has to be able to sort out fact from fiction, hype from reality, and one has to be able to discern the outright frauds that have increasingly become so skill at their horrible trade.  To make the effective changes, it seems one has to engage these learning curves as they come; and it’s clear that many more loom on the horizon as things continually shift.

Right away, anyone seeking to make an impact will find  much of the data out there is severely dated; non working; hyped; and much of it is even deceptive. What’s really seems to be so is: some ‘experts’ out there really aren’t; many out there only care about how much of your hard earned money they can take; many will say pretty much anything to get it; and some of those involved in ‘regulations’ are the worst of the criminals, lairs and thieves  It can be a nasty jungle to sort through. So it takes wisdom, testing, it takes  research, and it takes discernment. Remember, lots of Bernie’s Madoff’s clients were with him for years!

Apparently much of what one must learn to be successful on the net, is what “not to do.” Example: How does one keep their integrity, while still being able to communicate in this ‘politically correct’, troll rich environment?” …or,  “How do you discern when people are unintentionally (or intentionally) lying to you?” …or, “How do you really know what they are saying is really best for what you’re trying to accomplish?”

The  core premise of 7 Shades of Freedom is ‘The Truth Works, Use It’

But finding the ‘real, actual truth’ can be a challenge! Finding a truly integrity filled ‘expert’ can be a challenge.  The goal thus is to sort this out! As we learn and share together, hopefully we’ll work this out.


It’s said, “A wise person  learns from his mistakes; an exceptional person learns from the mistakes of others.” Let’s thus strive to learn from the mistakes of others! That’s what we’d really like, isn’t it?…to be exceptional!

7. Personally, I wanted to free up my life; I have been working towards the point where I can do my work simply from a laptop/I-pad/tablet and a phone, if and when I so choose. My wife have gotten this to a point where we’ve been able to test this real time. And we know it works with a real, on-going business. It works! Yes but now it needs to be made more efficient, more effective, and more profitable with less work.

8. A new core concept intended to be included in every business plan is “less work, more money”. That makes travel and exploration much more available. It’s not really less work, it’s more like, “Create free time so you can do what you really would like to do; go where you really would like to go; pursue the dreams and desires, you really would like to do; and still have your business generating income and even growing.” Another core element of this business/life goal is  shoot for a “win-win-win” in all dealings while keeping your integrity. Perhaps the main core pillar of this new set of goals is the same one that has been a core for life. That is, “God first and trust in Him to handle our weakness and screw ups!”

9. Thus far on this path and dealing with test data on what people are really interested in and seeking: I’ve found that this has started to narrow down to a few specific topics:

A. Coaching and Courses (*below) ; most of the books, the courses, the media, are available on demand.

B. “Cash flow opportunities

  •  Smart Media (a company who’s core is Advertising/Marketing/Branding while helping people). I am using this to get Smart Media  to a much larger market now that it’s ready to release. I’ve been beta testing it for a year; I think it’s got potential to become a fortune 500 company. Already, while in beta, people are making $10,000 week.   YThe core of Smart Media is giving away free, very high value,  no strings attached, internet based programs. This  includes free education and teaching tools, free and secure ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ like systems, powerful and honest advertising/marketing/branding opportunities, break-through timing, powerful networking systems; powerful list builder systems. For those interested there are ways to make money by giving free stuff away.  You can read about Smart Media on top menu “Ca$h Flow Options”) or click HERE.
  • A Mission about moving millions  of my friends eBooks into the next generation. This movement is just getting started now. Some details are on ‘Solution to Happy’ top menu: click HERE
  • Marketing/Advertising/Branding tools for helping anyone, with an existing business, to expand that business. There are many things we can do and are doing. (upgrade will be posted soon)
  • Cash Flow Real Estate! This is only for those who understand the value of owing managed real estate  For some details on Ca$h Flow Opportunities: click HERE
  • Intimacy Anyone?  Though all the above paths that seem to have people’s attention! There’s one that seems to capture more people, more often than another  That’s when the person really get down to what’s really going on with them! “People what to know how to quickly improve their personal relationships and increase their personal intimacy”. To that I say, “Very doable; that’s my forte.'”

*I have, what I believe to be,  some very unique and ‘potential’ profound courses/coaching that will be put out in some fashion or other. Much of it is ready now, on demand.  This data is designed to help others to effectively spot and remove some of the lies and hidden patterns that limit and stop them in life. Some courses/data/choaching is designed to bring those who choose into true meditation, i.e. no-thought and the true stilling of the mind. Others deliver powerful tools, to help you create your reality the way you prefer.  Some courses/data/choaching are, or can be, specifically about building real and intimate, relationships quickly. Some are about core income or controlling attention. These courses and this information have a proven, high-success ratio. It’s about removing stops, lies  and illusions. Click HERE

And “Last but not Least”; I’d be interested to hear your goals, targets and missions!


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