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My core is ‘teaching/coaching'; and I’m adding a new page to this site. This blog is basically a recap of that page. I’ve found that in this environment that Business Coaching is probably the highest demanded talent I got to offer. There are other forte’s to offer, but they are not the ‘highest demanded'; maybe it’s esoteric nature of those things I consider the ‘highest and best use'; maybe it’s the fact that current ‘political correctness’ is more important these days that inherent value. Whatever the reason, people now tend to seek ‘practical’ business coaching over fixing their inner spiritual/mental states. So I’ve geared my courses to do both.

In truth and in the real world,  I’ve helped start and run seven plus business from start-up to success. By success I mean profitable; and that’s not a nebulous term; it means from over $100,000 a year profit to over $1,000,000 a year. In the ‘real-world’ school of ‘hard-knocks; in the cruel world of reality where ideas don’t count, but results do; in the unforgiving light of ‘as good as that sounded, that simply don’t work'; I’ve acquired a comprehensive list of  the do’s and the don’ts.

And I’ve found over and over again, plodding on your own can be very costly and time consuming. It’s been said, “An exceptional man learns from the mistakes of others’. Yes, much about making your business expand is simply ‘not doing’ the things that have been mistakes for others. That’s what my courses attempt to convey.

This information isn’t about simply telling you the information and expecting you to apply it on your own. This is about ‘application’ in the field. It’s about right now, “do this and don’t do that.” It’s about accountability and facing failure/rejection head on. It’s about implementation in the real world with a real business and real customers/potential customers! 

In a synopsis form here’s what I’ll be offering.  You’ll note you ‘can’ start for zero money to ‘test the data’! Or you can jump in the deep end and start swimming right away. You’re choice.


Here’s the current break down of what’s available. These are areas and elements I’ve have developed skills in and had success with. Plus I’ve had a history of successfully conveying this data to others:

  • Business Expansion Essentials: $500 a month for 20 hours a month coaching, plus supplemental data/powerful contacts/lead generation systems/handling a way-ward mind/accountability systems/and all essentials you truly need to make $$$ now.
  • If you don’t have your own business, we’ll set you up in one. This course isn’t about ‘a talking head giving you data’…it’s about you learning what to do now and then doing it now; it’s about doing! Then finding what’s necessary to correct/change, and implementing those improvemnets, again and again to success.
  • If you have your own business, we’ll work specifically with that in this real environment.
  •  You know marketing/advertising/Branding  has dramatically shifted and is in the biggest shift/change it’s ever entered. This courses covers the newest shifts, how the affect your business, and how to make the most of these dramatic new shifts.
  • The course gives the latest methodology/technologies/ideas to drive new clients (there are very valuable specifics to fit every budget and situation. This isn’t just about knowing about them, it’s about implementing them in your specific situation.
  • What makes your customers and potential customers tick? This course stress the fact that you must understand human motivations and automatic actions to be really successful.
  • More important is what makes you tick and what are your real (true) goals/motivations? This is vital data that nearly every business course/coach out there is woefully inadequate to deal with. This is my strongest suite. Often our inner (hidden) goals are what’s stopping us.
  • Accountability partners. This is another element many small business pay far too little attention to. This course naturally handles it.
  • Plus specific systems of record keeping, adequate legal protection, and the nuts and bolts of keeping specific systems running your business.
  • And much more.
—————————————- Here’s Elements of What’s offered with Coaching————————–
 (1)*** Start your own business today!
         Or expand your existing business today!
  • I’ve been beta testing a ‘potentially profound’ new idea for over a year now.
  • It’s ready to release within weeks.
  •  In short: It’s a very powerful business model who’s core is Advertising, Marketing, and Branding in the current world environment.
  • Thus there is a way to start today, and start making $$$ today.
  • If you’ve got a business, you can use it to immediately start expanding your current business.
  • Go to Ca$h Flow” on the top of the right side bar.
  • Fill in data, and watch the video; then contact me.

(2) R.E. $Cash flow$: Real Estate Options$.

This is the king of cash options on this site *See 7. below!

—————————————-other elements———————————————–

Other courses, coaching, data:

****Note:  many of the below come with the $500 of the Business Expansion Essentials course!

1. Free offer: “The Hidden Key of Goal Setting/Achieving”  or “Communication: The Master Key of Relationships and Business.”  You can choose one, or the other, for FREE; no purchase necessary.  Both consist of three individual, but overlapping, presentations with audio. People, even those who’ve done many courses on goal setting, find this information not only unique but powerful. Each presentation is valued at $47.00. Right now you can get one, or the other, FREE.  Note you don’t have to buy one and get one free. You just get one FREE! Fill out form*(to be added)

2. Life Changing Book: Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, A Guide to Effortless Creation. This book is the definitive book on manifesting your own realities/targets/goals; and at least as important, it details how to stop manifesting stuff you don’t want. The things that stop us are not evident to us, and are not all that evident to most others; it’s some of these hidden things we (1) target and (3) disappear. To ORDER discount: Go to “Pay With Pay Pal” on right side bar menu; select ‘Aladdin’s Lamp $7.00′; fill out pay pal form, submitand a ‘read only’ eBook will be emailed to you.   Or you can click on the link to the side bar “Books That Change Patterns” (top right), select title and get it immediately at Powell’s for about $8.50.

3. Course: “Stilling  a Restless Mind”: This is not the wimpy “Oh am I spiritual” kind of training; this is about shutting down the damn thing for a while. Only then can real peace, and a whole lot more, be experienced. This is an on-line course that consist of eight, individual, 30 min sessions spread out over a two week time frame. It includes some live, on-line sessions; also, during the time,  participants can ask questions via phone. $77.00! To order, go to “7 Shades of Courses” on the Top Menu, click on sub-menu: ‘Still a Restless Mind.’

4. One-Day-Live:  “Finally Some Real Goal Setting/Achieving”; it’s a live event . This is hands on; it’s about getting you clear on what your actual inner goals are, and what they are not. We often find ourselves chasing other’s dreams and goals! But what’s YOUR real dream, deep desire and wish? This often can surprise and amaze. The energy and massive intent that’s released when one gets in alignment with themselves is a wounder to behold. The freedom that ensues, when one ends the nonalignment they’ve been stuck in, is an indescribable experience.  Call 239-895-4202 for course schedule and preparations. $235 plus your cost to get to, and stay at location.   Fill out form*(to be added)


5. Two-Day-Live:  “Ca$h flow Now”  Seminar/Training Breakthrough. This Live-Event-Seminar covers the things you ‘really must do’ to generate the ca$h flow you choose. It also offers a few options for those who want to keep their job and yet make extra money on their own.  This is not simply about a talking head up in the front of some meeting room delivering you information; this is interactive, up close and personal; there are many powerful exercises you do that will stay with you; it’s specific to you and your circumstances. This course will also be covering some of the main stops and barriers to ca$h flow (stops that are little known and yet very prevalent).  The intent of this two day event is to have you making more money (and more money), with your own business, before the event is over. Though structured, it will be more informal and intimate.  Call 239-895-4202 for  course scheduled and preparations. Sing up now for this unique, and potentially business chancing, 2 day seminar, training, and roll playing event;  the cost is $495 plus your cost to travel to, and stay at location. Fill out form*(to be added)

6. Seven-(7) Day-Live-Event: “How to Live an Unstuck Life”. This course is the pinnacle of changing lives. The reality of spotting your hidden stops and limitations; along the consequent removal of those very stops/limitations; the actual workings of the creative process and its trans-formative powers; the understanding of ‘how to’ still a restless mind and ‘how to’ experience peace in troubling circumstances; the essence of actually bringing your dreams into reality; and much more; does change lives. The end effect of this concentrated series of experiences, exercises, and events tends to be life altering; and unforgetable. These courses are held in fun, resort style settings in various places around the world; places like Lake Como Italy, or Santa Fe New Mexico, or South Island of New Zealand, or the North Cost of Danemark, or other such fun, exciting destinations. Thus the inner  journey of the course itself, becomes a journey within a journey.  Courses are very small, only run once or twice a year; and fill up quickly.  Call 239-895-4202 for  course scheduled, details and preparations. Cost is $3,800 plus you pay your travel,  room and board. Fill out form*(to be added)


7. Ca$h flow:  “Real Estate Opportunitie$.” This is the core, pinnacle and crux of the cash flow opportunities. This is for those who seek and understand the benefits of having ca$h flow real estate that is being managed for them. There are very selected, and sometimes very private, ca$h flow opportunities that we are exposed to. This sets up a system whereby, we pass those on to our members. The person in charge is a licensed Florida REALTOR®/Associate Broker with JJ Jones & Co; who has strong contacts in other parts of the country and the world. Those who choose to get these limited and unique opportunities will have to be vetted. Some of the criteria use will be  their ability to actually purchase one of the deals that may be presented; proof of funds;  sometimes escrow deposits may be required; other restrictions will also apply.

Those who choose to be exposed to this unique and ongoing streams of one-of-a-kind opportunities, will be broken into one of three levels; depending on the ca$h values  that will be offered to that level:  Level One will be $50,000 – $250,000; Level Two will be $250,001 to $999,999;  and Level Three is $1,000,000 and up. Every member of any level  is also privy to the opportunities offered to the levels underneath them. Example: Someone in Level 3 has access to all opportunities; Someone in Level 2 has access to Level 1 and Level 2, but not Level 3.

Should you choose to participate in this, fill out the opt in form* and someone will be contacing you. The only cost is: if you should choose to purchase one of the opportunities, you get to pay for it!

Final note: These “opportunities” depend totaly on the season we’re in: I’m not speaking of summer, winter or fall: I’m speaking of the economic and political seasons we find ourselves in. The ‘strategy’ for one season, will not necessarily work for another! Thus I make a promise that I will only allow opportunities (on any level and in any season), that I personally desire to and would do myself. In other words: I will only offer to sell what I, myself, would love to BUY; and only then by using as much wisdom as I can muster! Fill out form*(to be added)

Legal Disclaimer:
All information on this site is believed accurate but is not warranted.
Mike Houston is with JJ Jones REALTOR®

Office and Agents are Licensed to do business in the State of Florida.

REALTOR® — A registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.  Inquiries regarding the Code of Ethics should be directed to the board in which a REALTOR® holds membership.

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