The “next blog” or The Game Plan

As stated in the last blog called “winning the election” I said …”I’ll explain it briefly, and then I’ll go into more detail.  I’ll bullet point it! in the next blog!”   This is that blog.

(Up-DATE…I’ve already Started it and had very promisting results***See below

What we’re (me an those who choose to play) are going to do is bring the most powerful, unbeatable, un-defeatable, winning, sure, massive, comprehensive, unstoppable force in the universe into the equation. This isn’t speculation. This is ‘vain hope’. This isn’t hype. This is very real, and very true.

This is a reality that I know how to create; and it’s a reality I know how to teach others. Just haven’t done it for years. But now is the time.

The format goes:

1. Back Ground

2. Description of Power + how to bring it into any situation (the election in this case)

3. The Point of this whole movement

4. The specifics of Implementation

Let’s get started. First: some background of the players manual:

1. Back Ground

  • A friend of mine wrote a book; it took off … it went viral with no internet.
  • He was in WWII in the 82nd Airborne, so he’s about 88 now
  • He fought in Normandy, in the battle of the Bulge
  • There are 19,000,000 (million) copies of his works in print! That’s a lot
  • It’s in 54 languages
  • It went viral not because he marked it, but because stuff happened wherever that book went…people came out of comas, lives were transformed, people got better, etc.
  • It’s a short little book…takes me about an hour to read it
  • It’s called “Prison To Praise” by Merlin Carothers
  • Last month, I help him get the book in eBook format (can you image 19 million with no eB00ks!)
  • So now the book is on Kindle and I-tunes and you can also buy a hard copy with Amazon
  • Soon I’ll be getting his other best sellers formatted, and I’ll get it on Google, I think it’s already in Barns and Noble, etc…

That’s the back ground…what’s the book about? That’s the key to this idea and I’d been  so ‘thick headed’ it never dawned on me how specific this enormous power could be directed into any situation.

Bullet points again:

Bringing Unlimited Power into any situation to change it to the positive! That’s a skill most of us would die for. So what life changing situation looms in front of us all? The Election.

2. Description of Power + how to bring it into any situation (the election in this case)

  • There’s a power at our finger tips that we can and will use (speaking for those who join this movement and choose to put this power into play.)
  • The book is about (my paraphrase) “Accepting things exactly as they are” (because that’s exactly how they really are!)
  • And Parsing God ((Yes God!); that is Praising God for them ‘exactly as they are.
  •  Merlin had an experience just after the war where God spoke out-loud to him…Merlin, being a good soldier, just said “Yes” and decided God was now his Commander in all things. He became a Chaplin, which was weird;  immediately before that  he was a rascal,  kind of a scoundrel and kind of unethical! He dropped all that and started a life that impacted hundreds of thousands, even millions, in a most positive direction.
  • In short, this book shows to to release the most awesome, powerful, pure force, pure intelligence, etc; and release it directly  into any specific situation.
  • This book “Prison to Praise” details the steps, has proven the steps, and is very simple to read
  • But it details something else…thus the POINT
  • There is a scripture,  that says, “God will INHABIT the PRAISES of His People.” It’s true!
  • It’s real! People speak of wanting God involved, and now there’s a specific and proven way.
  • There’s another scripture that says (paraphrased) “Test these things and prove if they are true and actually work; and if they don’t prove out dump ‘em” – well I said paraphrase!
  • So the we’re getting to the point; and it’s not just a point, it is ‘The Point’ that will change it all.

3. The Point of this whole movement is  that it can’t fail…it’s guaranteed! It’s a choice!

  • If “I really truly want God involved in the election”, then all I need to do is “Praise God for the Election” just as it is. He will inhabit my praises and where He is, His will is done.
  • Now I don’t have to sit around worrying who wins, now I don’t have to regret the fact that I didn’t do enough; and now I don’t have to fear, “… if my guy losses then what?”
  • And those three items are what I’ve been doing; but NOW, no more! So much less stress!
  • So now I praise; and God inhabits my praises! And my praise are where? You got it.
  • I’ve always liked ‘God’s will be done’ and have some really neat, real experiences of that.
  • But when I ‘rely’ on my own understanding, I forget that…I ‘think’ I’ve got to ‘think’ it through…
  • Now things are taking a change…a change in the direction of God inhabiting my praises!
  • When you read Merlin’s book, you’ll see some experiences that were unbelievably bad and dismal; which suddenly and totally turned around when God inhabited the situation. So many experiences like this happened from this little book (actually it was from people who 1. Read the book 2. Stopped what they’d been doing and 3. Started ‘Praising God’ for the situation exactly as it was, without trying to dominate it.)
  • So many profound experiences happened he had to write another book about the miracles that followed the first book, then another…etc…
  • One person told another, who tried it, who told another and so on…that’s why 19 million are out.
  • So the point is, if God inhabits my reality of the elections, I can’t loose no matter how it turns out, because it will turn out the way God chooses…His will…I don’t have to dictate that.
  • And Yes, I’m 100% sure if we sincerely praise God specifically about the election, He will inhabit those praises. No doubt about it. We can get Him in on it,  fully! That’s what I want…His will.
  • And about the Elections: If my will doesn’t come to pass, and my guy doesn’t win, I still win. If my guy wins, I also win. It’s a win-win! Yea!
  • Though I’m having fun, I’m not playing games here; this is very  real. I know what all the ‘nay-sayers’ of the day (like Dawkins, Debbie S,  Bill M, or well …anyone) will say; and I know it before they say it. In truth they always fall short…every single time! Just when they think they’ve got it together, it falls apart for them. That’s the historical record. The truth is simply the truth and it will always be true.
  • This ‘movement’ isn’t for those who don’t believe it; it’s for those who (1) know God’s real and want Him in on it and (2) those who may or may not know, but who are willing to experiment! That’s it.
  • We don’t need masses; we only need a ‘few good men’ and women to play
  •  I’ve got enough reality of God and his way to know that if I I truly play, I win no-matter what.
  • So I’m going to Praise God for the elections. Simultaneously I’m going to stop ‘wondering and worrying’ about it; that’s easy to do! I’ve done and taught no-thought mediation; I’ve helped people remove self-taught, self-manufactured lies; I can/will remove my own lies yet once again!
  • And God will (already has) inhabited my Praises! You can’t get any better than that!

4. The specifics of Implementation Of This Plan

I made a plan biased on “Praising God For The Election

Background. Told you about getting Merlin’s book on Kindle, I-tunes etc. It had never been formatted this way before and when Merlin saw I’d gotten his book on eBook, he was happy. Again, he’s old but he’s the happiest person I’ve ever seen. He truly does “practice what you preach” and he’s a man with no guile. Note: he came into my future wife’s  life when she was in a very serious, tragic situation. Merlin’s help, and skills as a Chaplin, was invaluable to her; and since then my wife kept close ties with him and his daughters. Merlin counts her a friend, despite the large age difference. And, when he saw his book in Kindle,  he asked me help to ‘Advertise’ his book! He’s seen so many people’s lives positively impacted that’s his joy…and his only real desire in this place…to get more of them out… I said I would! And I had it in mind to do that anyway. But suddenly I got his idea—let’s start an immediate movement of those who will praise God for the Election; get God inhabiting those Praises (much better than the worrying); and thus my worry is instantly converted to a win-win! Plus it will accomplish both missions (the Advertising of his book can be tied in with the Praising Movement).

I’ve already started it, I know a few others who have joined me. Will you???

The Specifics of the Plan.  (PS and I’m not making a penny on this: I did his stuff pro-bono as he’s been such a positive staple in our life at such a critical time)…bullets again!

  • Start groups who will commit to praise for the election with the express intent ‘that God will inhabit the praises of His people”…you don’t need huge numbers, just a few committed Praisers
  • Create internet, smart phone networks to keep it live; create an ongoing flow of participation and group participation, maybe meet randomly at places (both in cyber space and in real space) to get together and then spread the word. Remember when God’s involved, it will spread, just like Merlin’s book did. This could be, should be, will be massive.
  • And I mean ‘truly praise’...not just saying the words but coming from a deep felt, sincereattitude of gratitude and praise to God. No ‘faking it’…no ‘pretenses for the people’….just real, true praise!
  • And that can ONLY come after accepting things just as they are (because in truth, that’s how they truly are)
  • If they choose they can (1) get one of Merlin’s books; (2) read it and(3)  give it to someone else who wants to be happy (or who simply wants to stop worrying!—especially about the election)
  • We need those willing to make some youtubes to gather forces
  • And for like minded people to put the idea on social networking
  • and I would like to ‘youth-a-nize’ it…that is make youtubes, I-phone links, Podcast, etc, etc, that make it ‘by youth’ for youth…..and get a bunch of younger kids spreading the idea…let’s get God into the situation…
  • And I would like forums to start, and election groups (both parties) to start Praising for the election (the goal isn’t to force God to bend to our will; instead it’s simply to get Him fully involved by inhabiting our praises and from that, directions will emerge; it’s got to! Le’ts not ‘dictated’ to God…let’s praise Him for His will being done on earth. His ideas are very likely much longer term and will bring better…even if the ‘short term’ looks bad to us; then we praise for the short term!
  • That’s the Game…We Praise God into the Picture
  • And in that we all win!

I will sort this out…it just happened last night and I woke this morning to see two countries had done an act of war against us; that is they, without cause, overran our embassies and killed our Ambassadorial aids and an Ambassador himself. That’s probably a good time to get God involved in the situation thorough praise.

PS  This will work (as Merlin has proven) in war, in peace, in pain and in happiness, in all circumstances, even in death. To praise to God is the answer!

and in this, I’ll advertise his book! I’m sure other ideas will come up as well.


***UPDATE: here’s a flyer I made up …. note: I found it ‘easy’ to get 10 who will commit to getting 10 to get 10!

A Real Solution To Election Worry! 

What are you Choosing???

#1.       Or           #2.

 Path One (1) Entails:

*Simply keep doing what you’re doingand HOPING for the best!

In other words, it’s about trusting in your own understanding and the understanding of those around you. It’s really about wishing, hoping, wondering and worrying if we are smart enough to pull it off with own talents and power!

Path Two (2) Entails:

1.Entails truly bringing God into the Election Situation
2. Entails fully trusting His Wisdom, His Will and His Power to handle it. In short, bring God into the game;
3.That means, YOU Win, No Matter What Happens.

Consider the outcome of each choice! Evaluate:

• Which choice is clearly the wisest?
•Which choice clearly brings the best results?
•Which is the only choice that allows you to keep doing what you were doing but also allows you to bring God in the situation?
•Which choice gives you the win-win-win (you win no matter what the outcome is)?

  How To Do Path Two 2:

“God inhabits the praises of His people”!

It sounds easy and it is easy but there are clear caveats to this!

Caveats: (in addition to ‘being one of His People”)

1.It has to be real ‘Praise’ …not saying the words “Praise God for the elections’….real praise isn’t simply saying words; in truth it can be very silent and private; It’s a giving heart felt thanks, and worship to God. The dictionary defines praise as “The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something.” So truly do that to God. Leave the “inhabiting” of your praises to Him. In other words don’t fake it or ‘try’ to praise.
                                               (read Prison to Praise if in doubt…Amazon/I-tunes)
2.In this circumstance, direct  your praise to a very specific situation, THE ELECTION!  Remember God’s Will Be Done.

Strong Recommendation:

• Get ten (10) people to Do Path Two (2)
• Get those Ten (10) to do the same!
•10x10x10x10x10X10x10x10=100,000,000 (100 million)
•And do it in a week! I’ve got my 10, what about you???



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