Winning The Election! A Sure Way!

That may sound like and arrogant, or naive statement; but is it?

Notice I didn’t say winning for Romney or winning for Obama. Why?  That is the key point of this new idea. But let’s do some background first.  (Update: PS I started this the day I posted this blog … here’s some interesting results: Copy of an email ”

Thought you might be interested in this (a reply and an idea and some results):
Hi Mike, yes I’ll definitely help with this. Do I send this to ten people?  Also, you have a typo, “Consider the outcome of you each choice! Evaluate:”>>>>Thanks….that’s what I need…I’ll change it…it, a power point, may not be the best idea…I can turn this (or any power point) into a video with narration….not sure of the best way to output this…maybe that will depend on each person who chooses to get 10 to commit…
….maybe a better way for you to help me is a youtube to send out (Jana, she does cute/neat youtubes and she’s younger!)…..then I can also send that out…my idea was I need to find 10 people that will 100% be sure to get 10 people to commit to themselves ‘truly praising God for the election’…look God’s not stupid and doesn’t need this ‘explained to Him’…praising Him into the situation is what we need….I’ve seen this happen time and again……
….it’s God’s full presence into the situation that’s the Goal…then it will go the way that’s best for us all …I don’t think it’s that hard to find 10 people, who commit to getting 10 to get 10….at least it’s not been that hard thus far.  So Mike, let me know if there is anything specific you need help with…..A decent short ‘youtube’ directed to the youth….
FYI…I got this idea, (I was too wound up in worry about the nation) and realized the praise would really help me to not worry, so that night I got the idea I started it (Praising that is)….it really helped me and my attitude…and almost immediately (‘coincidentally’?) the situation took a massive change …i.e. the stuff with the ambassador mess, our embassies being burned, and the clear lies/confusion coming out of the administration hit the fan…so this caused me to “Praise God” again for what was going on…and this “Praise God” attitude brought me to a point of more praise for the Election/situation which brought me more peace…which I consider a real blessing compared to the “worry/concern” I would have done before this!…i.e. a real milestone win for me and thus my wife!…
….thanks 4 your help! Mike“…..the idea is thus providing fruit!

I know who I want to win. I’ve actually done lots and lots to promote them. Now that’s relative to me and what I’ve done before; it’s NOT relative to someone out there who’s fully into it; there are obviously many who’ve done infinitely more. Aside from a book, most of what came from me has behind the scenes stuff; efforts at influencing ‘the influence” stuff.  In that I’ve made some headway, but I realized it’s clearly not enough; the polls are close and all I’ve done likely doesn’t move it a fraction of a point one way or the other.

I’ve loved truth and it has become the central focus of my life, business and goals. It’s a long held believe, that in the end the truth will win out; it has to. Even with our best efforts,  lies creep into belief systems; and I’ve recently found myself stuck with the mistaken assumption that ‘truth’ should win. The limbic system, if you understand about brains, immediately codes that up into ‘the truth will win.’  In this world, that’s a clear ‘set-up’ for disappointment; and that’s a pretty the common dish served here on planet earth.

Thus in unconsciously holding the view ‘the truth will win out’ even in the short run,  I’m wrong. Reality has proven that assumption wrong many, many times. It seems like my debate teacher was right. He said about ‘debates': “The Best Liar Wins”.

Anyway, to keep the story going to it’s climax:  I find myself less than two months to the election and I was done. Meaning, I didn’t know what else to do that could realistically effect the outcome; if anything I’d done had made the slightest dent. My ‘limited’ outreach was out stretched; I don’t poses the resources to make meaningful media changes; and I’m out of ideas…especially those that fall on deaf ears.

In addition to that the outcome looks fearful; in that I share with the nation: people on both sides fear the outcome.

So, even knowing it was a futile effort,  I sent one last email blast to my ‘influencers’ ;  it was actually a rendition of a profound but virtually un-received blast before;  they’d not be ‘influenced’. I thought it was critical, and truly know it is; but it’s also very difficult idea to convey to convey the power of ‘conversational hypnosis’ to most people, especially to the masses. Thus I knew, before I sent the “last email”, it wasn’t really going to make any difference.  And a realistic assessment of my power was there right in front of me in it’s undeniable glow of truth; I had no real power, or any real ability. to change the course of world events in the direction of truth. I sat deflated and burned out. Accurately or inaccurately realizing the insignificance of all my power, it didn’t matter; I was done. All that was left was to come to grips with the inevitable: an election I really can’t control. It was a microcosm of a world I, in truth, see to have little influence over. My only viable next step seemed ‘acceptance’ of the inevitable.

But in totally ‘giving up'; sometimes that act, in and of itself, does clear the chalk board. I, in this case was left with a total erasure, a blank slate. In the book Aladdin’s Lamp Unleashed, the desired results generally happen when some finally stops ‘trying’ and gives up ‘thinking’ about it. Though I wrote the book and successfully taught the courses to others, implementation in my own life does not hold that stellar a score card. Personal use requires constant vigilance; it requires cleaning out the lies that creep in.

In the middle of the night I woke up with ‘The Answer”.  I’d come up with (or been given) an 100% guaranteed win; I couldn’t loose; no way Jose (and I’m not even sure a Jose is running).  And furthermore, I was 100% sure I was going to do it. So what is this way???

A Real Solution To Election Worry! 

What are you Choosing???

#1.       Or           #2.

 Path One (1) Entails:

*Simply keep doing what you’re doingand HOPING for the best!

In other words, it’s about trusting in your own understanding and the understanding of those around you. It’s really about wishing, hoping, wondering and worrying if we are smart enough to pull it off with own talents and power!

Path Two (2) Entails:

1.Entails truly bringing God into the Election Situation
2. Entails fully trusting His Wisdom, His Will and His Power to handle it. In short, bring God into the game;
3.That means, YOU Win, No Matter What Happens.

Consider the outcome of each choice! Evaluate:

• Which choice is clearly the wisest?
•Which choice clearly brings the best results?
•Which is the only choice that allows you to keep doing what you were doing but also allows you to bring God in the situation?
•Which choice gives you the win-win-win (you win no matter what the outcome is)?

  How To Do Path Two 2:

“God inhabits the praises of His people”!

It sounds easy and it is easy but there are clear caveats to this!

Caveats: (in addition to ‘being one of His People”)

1.It has to be real ‘Praise’ …not saying the words “Praise God for the elections’….real praise isn’t simply saying words; in truth it can be very silent and private; It’s a giving heart felt thanks, and worship to God. The dictionary defines praise as “The expression of approval or admiration for someone or something.” So truly do that to God. Leave the “inhabiting” of your praises to Him. In other words don’t fake it or ‘try’ to praise.
                                               (read Prison to Praise if in doubt…Amazon/I-tunes)
2.In this circumstance, direct  your praise to a very specific situation, THE ELECTION!  Remember God’s Will Be Done.

Strong Recommendation:

• Get ten (10) people to Do Path Two (2)
• Get those Ten (10) to do the same!
•10x10x10x10x10X10x10x10=100,000,000 (100 million)
•And do it in a week! I’ve got my 10, what about you???



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